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Our Facility and Events Promoter can assist you with locating venues, facilities, and associated tourist related services for special events, meetings, retreats, weddings, reunions, sporting events, festivals, shows and much more.

Michele Hill
Facility and Events Promoter
(435) 259-1340

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Moab Area Banquet Rooms and Catering

Banquet Rooms | Catering | Custom Cakes

Moab Area Banquet Rooms

Moab's Food & Beverage services are provided in many different settings in Moab. Whether you utilize a banquet room or seek portable kitchens for an outdoor affair, these Moab restaurants and businesses will take good care of your group needs for weddings, receptions, cocktail parties, concessions for events or group menu dining.

Outside catering ranges from elegant sit down festivities, through casual barbeque picnics, or platters of finger food, to a copious buffet service. Moab Utah catering accomplished with portable kitchens will astound your guests or dinner group.

Moab restaurants have patio seating or semi-private sections to accommodate groups. Choose from a selection of southwestern and Mexican cuisine, or an interesting mix of Chinese, Thai, Italian and American restaurants. Rented banquet halls, reserved parks, or permitted public lands will afford more private settings and the outdoor experience will be charming with tent catering.

Business Phone
Bar M Chuckwagon 300 no x no no   435-259-2276
The Blue Pig 54 32 x x x   435-259-3333
Branding Iron 120 60 x x x   435-259-6275
Broken Oar 200 150 x x x   435-259-3127
Canyonlands By Night   250 200 x x     435-259-5261
Center Street Gym             435-259-2255
Denny's 76 no no no no   435-259-8839
Desert Bistro 20 20 x x x   435-259-0756
Eddie McStiff's 100 60 x x x   435-259-2337
Fairfield Inn & Suites Marriott Moab 56           435-259-5350
Fiesta Mexicana 60 55 x x x   435-259-4366
Grand Center           160 435-259-8553
Gravel Pit Lanes           60 435-259-4748
LaHacienda 80 no x x x   435-259-6319
Moab Arts and Recreation Center           120 435-259-6272
Moab Brewery 55 55 x x x   435-259-6333
Moab Grill 24   x x x   435-259-4848
Moab Valley Inn           230 435-259-4419
Pancake Haus 40 no x x no   435-259-6869
Pasta Jay's 200   x x no   435-259-2900
Red Cliffs Cowboy Grill 200 200 x x x   435-259-2002
RIO     x x x   435-259-6666
River Grill Restaurant 32 240 x x x   435-259-4642
Singha 46 no x x no   435-259-0039
Spoke on Center 18 no x x x   435-260-7177
Sunset Grill 120 200 x x x   435-259-7146
Sweet Cravings              435-259-8983
Szechuan Restaurant 65 no x x no   435-259-8984
Whispering Oaks 26 120 no no no   435-259-2333
Zax Woodfired Pizza     x x x   435-259-6555

Moab Area Catering

Business Phone
The Blue Pig x x x 435-259-3333
Branding Iron   x     435-259-2276
Cali Catchitta x     435-259-4961
Club Rio x x x 435-259-2654
Eddie McStiff's x x   435-259-2337
Fiesta Mexicana x   x 435-259-4366
Karen and Dan's Catering x     435-260-8069
La Hacienda x x x 435-355-0529
Love Muffin Café     x 435-259-6833
Moab Adventure Center   x   435-259-7019
Moab Grill x x x 435-259-4848
Moab Sandwiches @ Chevron     x 435-259-2212
Pasta Jays x x   435-259-2900
Quesadilla Mobilla   x   435-260-0289
Red Cliffs Cowboy Grill x x x 435-259-2002
Red Rock Bakery      x 435-259-5941
Sabaku Sushi     x 435-259-4455
Sheri Griffith River Expeditions   x   435-259-0311
Specialty Cakes        
Spitfire Smokehouse x x x 970-618-4274
Sunset Grill x x   435-259-7146
Sweet Cravings x x x 435-259-8983
Zax Woodfired Pizza x x   435-259-6555
Zinzi M. Catering Services x x x 720-560-2986


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